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"Young Roge" The Perfect choice as your wedding DJ in Dubai or wedding DJ in Abu Dhabi


As Young Roge has over 30 years experience of being a wedding DJ in Dubai and a wedding DJ in Abu Dhabi. Roge will discuss the wedding dinner music and the evening’s music choice with you personally before the event, as it’s a vital element of the wedding.

Young Roge states that from his vast DJ in Dubai experience that your guests should also have a say on what music is played at your party by filling out the famous Young Roge request cards that are put on all of the wedding dinner tables.

As your wedding DJ in Abu Dhabi or wedding DJ in Dubai, Young Roge says that this is an excellent way of canvassing music taste of your guests and assists him in playing the right music, so that the vast majority of your guests have a great time at your wedding.

Young Roge also comments that the music that you and I personally like is not necessarily the same choice as your wedding guests, so the essential key to a good wedding DJ in Dubai or wedding DJ in Abu Dhabi and great evening for everyone is flexibility.  You’re guaranteed this with the Young Roge roadshow.

Young Roge has been very busy over the Easter Holidays performing at many weddings as the dj and mc in Dubai and in dj and mc Abu Dhabi. As you can see from the pictures below, Young Roge is the main wedding dj in Dubai and the main wedding dj in Abu Dhabi.


The Young Roge roadshow can cater for weddings in Dubai or Abu Dhabi from 50 to 1500 guests, pictured below is a typical 65 guest set up with the Young Roge roadshow scaled down for the perfect wedding DJ in Dubai or wedding DJ in Abu Dhabi.


Young Roge has been a professional DJ and broadcaster for over 30 years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you require a top quality DJ for your wedding in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then Young Roge is the only choice. As one of the most important days in your life, Young Roge will take time to meet with you and your partner before the big day and discuss what’s right for you and your guests on your wedding day in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.


Roge will carefully build a running order for you that caters for your wedding party in Dubai or Abu Dhabi both in terms of your music you would like for dinner and then dancing later. Young Roge has his own request cards that he puts on all tables to cater for all your wedding guests music choice.


In addition, Roge will if required introduce the speakers on your wedding day and will be on hand to take over if emotions get the better of the speaker. Roge has himself been married for 25 years so knows what’s required and when. If you need personalised wedding stationery or wedding invitations, dubai you could try our partner site,

Young Roge has over 30 years experience and exposure of providing wedding DJ in Dubai and wedding DJ in Abu Dhabi and is the safe pare of hands you need from your wedding DJ in Dubai.

For more information contact Young Roge on + 97150 8270333 or 07523 625521, or email

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Listen to a 2.5 minute demo of the fantastic and unique "Young Roge roadshow" music, hear the famous ‘’Young Roge’’ Jingles and then start to party and plan your special event


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